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Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-MAG?
E-MAG is a monthly electronic magazine

What is E-MAG about?
As the slogan of E-MAG represents “A Pioneer of Knowledge and Entertainment”, E-MAG is an exciting combination of knowledge and entertainment,
Who manages E-MAG?
E-MAG is an effort of some students of BS Software Engineering (Fall 2007 Afternoon), Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of the Punjab.

Is E-MAG an official publication of PUCIT?
No, E-MAG is not an official magazine of PUCIT.

Who can write for E-MAG?
Everyone is eligible to write for E-MAG.

Do I need some professional writing skills for writing an article for E-MAG?
No, you do not need any professional skills for this purpose. The aim of E-MAG is to bring the new talent in front of the world. We aim to enhance and encourage the young talent.

Is there any restriction in submitting articles for E-MAG?
Yes, if you take some stuff for your article from some source, then you must mention that source with your article. You should not discuss any sensitive issue, e.g. beliefs, etc. Medium of every article should be English.

Can I only send articles for E-MAG?
No, you can also send us poetry, stories, experiences, photos, funny stuff, interesting information or any other interesting stuff for E-MAG.

How can I send my articles?
You can send your articles at

Can I share news of my college/university in E-MAG?
Yes, we have a separate section, MAG NEWS, in our magazine. MAG NEWS contains news from different universities. You can share any news/events of your institution.